2020 new studio and atelier
2016-2019 gallery and atelier in Pforzheim

2014 collection and CI >CLAUDIA GEIGER<

2009-2011 designs for the GELLNER company
2001 Co -foundation JUNI jewellery
2001 contribuer at ILIOS gallery Korfu, greece

freelance designer since 2000
2000 diploma at the univerity >School of Design< Pforzheim, Germany
1998 studentship >Leonardo da Vinci Stipendium< in Paris, France
1996 began studying art and jewellery design at the univerity >School of Design< Pforzheim, Germany

1993-1996 contibuter in the atelier Michael ZOBEL, Constance, Germany 
1993 contribuer at the jeweller FICHT, Strasbourg, France
1992/93 studentship EURODYSSÈE in Besancon and Srasbourg, France
practical training at atelier Uwe Berger, Radolfzell and Beatrice Rossi, Zurich, Swiss
1988-1992 goldsmith´s training in Freiburg, Black Forest, Germany

1988 high-school diploma at the Faust-Gymnasium Staufen i. Brg., Germany